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Government and Corporate IT system architectures

Industry 5.0 human-centric collaboration solutions

On-demand immersive workplace learning services


Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic / Financial administration of the Slovak Republic: Application software for the Tax information system, eTax portal, VIES, VATRef, eSVAT - systems for communication with the EU tax authorities

The Publications Office of the European Union: IT consultation services - project management, systems architecture design, systems design, IT service management (projects: eNotices, eSenders, eTendering, TED Monitor, Open Data Portal)

General health insurance company: Administrative information system, central document storage, internal portal, management of data conflicts

U.S.Steel Košice: Electronic document management - processing of incoming invoices, management documentation, document scanning

VSE Holding: Medical examinations and training, HR forms, Walks through inspection, HelpDesk

Office for the regulation of electronic communications and postal services: Business trips management

Development of process models : Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Tax Administration, Customs Administration, Lesy Slovenskej republiky (Forests of the Slovak Republic), TEKO

SAP implementation and deployment - SLK Komárno, JCP Štúrovo, VUJE Trnava
Maintenance and development of the standard ERP used in government and private sectors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Komárno - municipal utilities, Kosit, IPR
BI solutions for management of wholesale and retail trade: Komfos, Impol, Tauris, Anavek, L&L trading, Lumarkt, Mirad, PIMA, MilkAgro, Noema, Inmedia, ProCare 
EU development and innovation projects: eFarmer, eCommittee, InnoCreate
Quality Standards: VSE, TEKO, BAT